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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is 6:00 and it is foggy up here on tv hill. that's our out back at the moment. it is foggy enough in this state that the county schools on the eastern shore are opening 90 minutes late tonight. the schools will run 90 minutes late. when you run late sure to let you know. >> take a look at first warning doppler. we've got pretty good slug of moisture very much like yesterday where it's not
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raining it's foggy and vice versa. we're going to see shower at this day. fairly cloudy skies and we may have seen pop up thundershower. humid the is going to be popping through the day. 70 much high of 81 degrees. don take it away. >> i want visibility on your drive. here is sharon with traffic control. >> it might be limited because of fog. but otherwise not too many problems. fire activity left over from yesterday between eleanor and rice. lane closures there. we don't have any delays, though. out there on any of your major roadways. there's a live look outside. just a bit foggy on that shot and effects what's beetler south of the beltway. there's a very foggy shot. remember wjz is always on. you can always log on, back over to you. >> here is what people will be talking today. a high school football player accused of raping a teenage
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girl. wjz and monique live with the latest on this. good morning monique. >> good morning, don, and good morning, everyone. the 16-year-old is being charged as an adult. this morning he's facing nearly half a dozen sex offenses. >> 45-yarder. >> 16-year-old kyle reddish was a hometown hero just last week after taking the winning -- patterson high school in bell air hartford county. >> now red aaccused of attacking a 14-year-old girl who said she came home with sister and several boys after a night of drinking. she said she got sick and vomited. she claims he came to her room undressed her and raped her. the girl's sister said she walked in and saw her not moving apparently unconscious. hartford county schools released a statement saying after it learned of the charges appropriate measures were
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immediately taking. the lawyers tell wjz our client is still a child and yet he has already suffered the indignity of being publicly identified and accused of stigmatizing crime which has compromised his personal safety. he's innocent has already been launched and his friends are showing their support. >> and reddish's lawyers said that his client was attacked by the victim's brother and needed medical attention. don. >> reddish is free. $50,000 bond this morning. a city high school student is under arrest accused of bringing a gun to school. was charged as an adult with possession. the student could be expel fred the city school system. chemistry building at the university of maryland will reopen this morning after small explosion. two students during an
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experiment. >> what i saw she had blood all over her arm. there was another girl running with her, she was dripping down the hallway. they were trying to run out. they were yelling for everyone to move out of the way. >> the two students were taken to burn center and listed in good condition. >> traffic yesterday, all because of a huge three alarm fire and automotive shot. firefighters are still on that scene right now. >> billowed from a raging fire at the intersections of belove deer in northwest baltimore. as seen in this video from sky high chopper 13. >> you see very large bawls of flames. >> investigators say it started around 4:00. some 85 firefighters three alarm blaze in a combination aerial and ground assault. they made huge fireballs which produce then get toxic higher smoke. >> literally one breath can
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affixation someone. and that's why the importance to give the firefighters room to operate. >> witnesses tell eyewitness news the business at first is caused belove deer tire. >> you know they sell used tires, you know, any time i would need tires for my car i could come here for a reasonable price. >> at this point firefighters have been battling displays for hours. but apparently the number of tires and other materials inside the building have continued to fuel this inferno. the firefighters say an unidentified person was burned on the arm, that victim was taken to john's hopkins. he owns the business next door to the tire shop. >> i still worry, you know. >> tie jackson, wjz eyewitness news. >> that fire is still smoking at this hour. more than 12 hours after it began. opening statements are expected today. the corruption trial of space
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center. a --s are claim he used his influence to illegally benefit the food warehouse chain and receive money in return. this trial could last for several weeks. >> a lesbian actress said she was kicked off the southwest plane that flu out of baltimore washington. after she kissed a girl on board. alicia who starred in the show time series the l word is calling for a boycott of southwest. they were escorted off the plane when it landed. southwest web site said it's the official airline of gay and lesbian alliance guest defamation. maryland 5-year-old is back home after being attacked in the ocean after vacationing. they're still aren't sure. but his family said it was a shark. however doctors say a blue fish fight could be with similar remark. in today's wjz health watch. coffee gives many of us that extra boost. it could also have some other
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benefits. maybe especially true for women. >> i'll have one medium latae. >> about four cups a day in the morning. >> that keeps you going every day. >> more than half of the adults drink coffee every day. for women they may do give a lift. they could help -- school of public health researchers look at more than 50,000 women. women who drink 2 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day had a decreased risk of depression. if they drink four or more cups they were 20% less likely to get depressed. >> we don't know exactly how that works but there could be a biological relationship where caffeine effects chemicals in the brain. >> depression effects twice as many women and men. one in five will be diagnosed in their lifetime. >> if there is protect the question something that should
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be explored because it could have a wide public health impact. >> women were moderate coffee drinkers most drink less than 6 cups a day. they could have other negative side effects for some people including insomnia. where he islessness and fast heartbeat. wjz eyewitness news. >> researchers did not find any connection between decaffeinated coffee and depression. >> in sports a difference a few years can make. out spoken manager has been let go after 8 seasons. watched last night as they -- he got out of his contract. he and his wife won the 2005 world series they'll make it in the playoffs again. he's reporting he may be headed to the florida marlins. >> career milestone. with that being in last night's game. he becomes the all time hit leader. and dominican republic.
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the first will beat the boston red socks. by the way the tampa bay rays, that means the ao wild car race is tied between the raves and the red sox. the dallas cowboys never score add touchdown last night in monday night football. they coming away with the win. they finished 22 of 36 passed 255 yards. they will kick 6 field goals including the game winner as the cowboys put away the washington red skins last quarter. 18-16. and indianapolis colts peyton manning is still sidelined with neck problems. but the team's owners said he could be back to practice by december. that's good news for the ravens because he has dominated the teams over the years. the ravens played the colts december 11. >> yeah, don't hold your breath. this team is going in the tank in a big way. why would you bring back the franchise. >> got to wonder. >> you don't have to wonder at
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all. it's not going to happen. sorry, welcome to the truth show. their problem not ours. we're on the schedule. they've got to deal with it. >> it is what it is. we have got -- boy, that was some real something. that took it out of me. that's actually a cat scan of my rain. >> just purple part. >> exactly. >> we've got shower activity out to the west trying to migrate a little to the east. we are going to see showers aside. we're also going to see fairly cloudy skies. we may see thunderstorm, i'm not going to promise you a lot of rain. i think you'll have to use your sun glass this time. i think you may have to grab umbrella. this morning late afternoon and this evening. 81. 69 degrees in the area of right
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now. ron joins us. humid and foggy out there. >> we're doing great. we have sunshine in here. we're at the duncan do nuts on bell air road with this young lady rickey who was going to be honored. she's a great baltimore city feature. we're going to meet her and talk to her right here when the morning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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great recipe for fall. we have -- at 29, 92. same temperature at this time yesterday morning. 59 -- with 64 cumberland. 68 elton. 69 ocean city. ' son 68. dc, 71 degrees in hagerstown. 70 in bell air.
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west minister 69. there's that low. i've got to grab it it's called stubborn low you think. right now we may not be able to clear any chance of rain out of the forecast until friday that low does not want to go anywhere. it's timely going to get smooth and this air mass pushed offshore. by very strong cold front coming in the for the weekend. less humid conditions also windy and chilly. 81 degrees this day after fog couple showers throughout the day and tonight 65. may be a redo fog tomorrow morning with a high of 82 degrees. take a look at the 5-day tomorrow is wednesday. going to be your chance of shower. thursday still can't remove the chance of thud thundershowers that front dies in the air. 77, 76 degrees friday. changed temperatures fall through the afternoon. 66 windy is high on saturday. sunday, sunny and 63 degrees. >> as you headline two eastern county school districts, care line county schools are
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operating late in the day. those school systems over on the shore. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> we'll tell you some of that fog on our traffic cameras. first we'll talk about fire activities. with belove deer is still closed between ill lenore avenue. you can take it as your alternate. here is a look at your speed zone. everything pretty close to school speed. your slowest spot. there's a live look outside at 95 just in the northbound lanes at maryland 32. a little bit foggy. more foggy there on east side of the beltway at the bridge and there's a look at 83 at very foggy there. traffic report brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you. >> good morning how are you. >> we're doing great. how are you guys doing this morning. >> we're living large. we're inside.
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very foggy outside. we are on bell air road. duncan do nuts. this is thanking heroes program. rickey, good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you. >> wonderful. >> rickey is a first grade teacher in federal hill. how long have you been doing this. >> 12-years. >> 12-years. >> you do a lot f things for the school. you've got a couple of big things coming up. >> we have -- and we also have one october 29th. our fall festival. please come out and support us. >> this is a great school and did you teach before any other schools before you get to thomas johnson. >> i only taught first grade and i have no intentions of going anywhere. >> would you like to say hello to your hub biand daughter.
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>> hi cj. >> hi guys, how are you doing. >> are you going to do the honors here. >> as part of our thanking here program. so this year we have vamped the program a little bit. we're going to be giving out cars that entitle people to four median coffee any time through december. if there's any teachers, nurses, firefighters, police, that are interested and want to get some cars. >> excellent. always good to see you then. thank you very much. >> rickey congratulations. you're well deserved. good look to you. we want to do a quick weather report here. >> it's a little foggy outside. >> there you go, thank you very much. >> there's something he said about. >> let's take a look at out the window. >> come here. this is our official
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photographer. melissa, high. >> hi, how are you. >> reporter: melissa is first grade teacher. >> right. >> yes, i am. >> thanks for coming out this morning. >> rickey,. >> yes, as we say here, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> have a great one. >> don, we'll send it back to you dry carefully. we'll see you. >> we're taking a break and coming right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look at first morning doppler. there's a slow moving plug. or -- obviously it's stopping up there 68, 70. take a look at this traffic, it's going to rotate into the area at times to take shower active. also at times variable cloudy, high of 81. fog this morning. humid through the day.
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take it away. >> all recent wet weather has been perfect for making mosquitoes. as the number grow -- here is alex to report cases of disease are triggering rain campaign. >> there's a lot of standing water. a perfect home for writinglers. cute name but nothing if it had first bitten a bird carrying west nile violence. >> they will feed on the bird and give other mammals. >> in the area between crownsville,. >> we have human case of west nile virus and when we get these cases. we go out to the neighborhood and we spray within a mild radius. >> it's the kind of case that began in 2001. starting tonight crews will begin spraying in the community
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and arrow harbor. >> the rate that we apply is so low. so far this year, 12 cases of west nile virus have been reported over wildly scattered parts of maryland. >> getting the standing water for those who work or stay outside pell at is advised. it seems like it's always the best. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> lie dormant for years in the soil when tropical storm lee over the banks, a lot of those eggs got wet and hatched. going green to save some green. welcoming visitors at the same time. here is marry with another way
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to save some energy. >> good morning and today's energy saver, your lamp post is one of the highest light fixtures in your home. it's the perfect place to install energy starlight. they're not coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. you can also install a motion sensor that turns it off when no one is around. wjz13 trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information go to click on our special energy saver section. next up this morning right here at wjz. the man accused in the death of singer michael jackson goes on trial today. what can be expected in opening statements. i'll have that story coming up. good morning, everyone, a football player is accused of rape. coming up we're going to have the latest on the investigation. and going inside d.c.'s washington monument as the
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earthquake strikes never before seen look at the moment the earth moved. out here with wjz. you're just about to head out. we're still looking at a foggy ride. we'll go down the list and see right now. let's extend it over. >> i'll continue to monitor, shower active on first morning doppler. looking at cell that's going to be passing almost straight to the west of columbia. root 29 is getting ready to get a little bit wet. actor spark greg also known -- coffee -- they found out it was going to be this comic movie. you save this. morning edition continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is bottom of the hour and it is foggy and all across the state because of the school systems. sufficient folk county schools are operating on 90 minute delay. care line county schools are operating on two hour delay. care line county two. we have mosted both of those on as well. will you run late, karen will -- don will let you know. >> let's go ahead and throw it in motion. ahead, moving to and through the area as will be the case many times this day around the immediate region. we still have that low moisture up the east coast. as a matter of fact what i'm really starting to look at that cluster of showers between charlottesville and d. c. right about here that should be the first rain of the day in the metros and up to and east of the 95 corridor. give an umbrella this day. keep your sunglasses handy too.
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have your sun glasses. it's going to be one of those deals. 69 right now. 78 at lunch going a high of 81 degrees take it away. >> here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. still not very many problems to get in the way just fire activity that was left over from yesterday. it's own west belove deer. you're going to want to take it instead. there's a look at your speed on the beltway, very minor delay, 53 miles an hour is your average. there's a look outside at 70 approaching the west side. it's moving without delays. there's a look at the beltway on the east side. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota leader where you'll find quality cars and trucks. back over to you. >> thank you. doppler news this half hour, trial of position accused death of king of pop begins today. here is can doas gibson reporting from wjz from outside
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the los angeles county courthouse. >> more than 2 years after michael jackson's death. the man accused of -- today opening statements begin in the voluntary manslaughter manslaughter case against dr. conrad murray. he's charged with giving the singer a lethal amount of the eatic propofol. >> i saw the truth and i have faith, the truth will prevail. >> prosecutors will claim the doctor was innocent in administering the drug at jackson's home. >> it's an on going thing. it didn't just develop over the last couple of days. >> they'll try to prove jackson desparate for sleep gave himself another dose of medication. the defense -- this news conference as evidence the singer was unhealthy. >> when i say this is it. that means this is it. >> the judge ruled out the video calling it irrelevant. >> they're expected to converge on the courthouse. the trial is expect today last up to five weeks.
6:33 am
it will be televised. >> choreography for worked with the singer on his come back tour and will take the stand as the prosecution's first witness. >> his family who wanted him charged with murder will be in the front row. >> donna, i am an innocent man. >> it's still unclear whether murray himself will testify. if convicted he can face up to 4 years in prison and lose his medical license. panadas wjz eyewitness news. >> and half of the 12 jurors picked say they are jackson fans. investigations underway into prescription drug shortages which may have caused some lies. patient safety group said 15 people died because of shortages. report -- now in short supply. many of them are generic and used for cancer treatment. some companies are cutting back on production of generic drugs because they're not as profitable. back here high school track coach is chasing child pornography charges this
6:34 am
morning. worked at arch by shop's high school. police also say he engaged in inappropriate relationship with 16-year-old student there. this he was remove from his coaching position back in july. and from a game winner on the football field to accused sexual predator. harvard county teenager is facing serious charges including rape. wjz are live this morning. good morning, monique. >> good morning don and good morning, everyone. investigators claim 60-year-old raise raped her friend's sister after she had been drinking. 16-year-old kyle was hometown hero just last week after taking the winning goal for patterson high school in bell air hartford county. now he's accused of attacking a 14-year-old girl who said she came home with her sister. in court documents she said she
6:35 am
got sick and vomited. is this said she came into her room undressed her and raped her. her sister walked in and saw her not moving apparently unconscious. harper county schools released a statement saying after it learned of the charges, appropriate measures were immediately taken. he tells us wjz our client is still a child and yet he's suffered the indignity of being publicly identified and accused of stigmatizing crimes. a facebook page, his innocence has been launched and p his friends are showing their support. british's lawyers said his client was attacked by the victim's brother and needed medical attention. don. >> thank you very much. he was charged as an adult and counts include rape. a howard county doctor is facing a lawsuit accused of removing the wrong thing during surgery. the sun is reported the doctor as women's care llc removed a
6:36 am
31-year-old fa loanian tube instead benign cyst. the lawsuit seeks damages for diminished fertility. on capitol hill conditioning congress is on track to overt a government shutdown. to keep the government running through mid november. the break through came after fema said it had enough money to make it through this friday allowing makers to drop. house members are expected to approve the plan next week. a never before seen look at the earthquake that rattled our area last month. as the shaking began. tourists, 500 feet up inside the ons vision washington monument as the earthquake intensely shakes. concrete and marble rain down as people evacuate all seen from a security camera. more than a month after the east coast earthquake the washington monument is still closed. the monument suffered several
6:37 am
large cracks during the 5.8 magnitude and experts say it still don't know when it will be safe because there's still plenty of repair work to be done. >> with these open joints and cracks in the stones there's been a substantial amount of water getting in to the monument, which could cause further damage to the monument and exhibit. >> an engineering team of experience and issues and historical structures has been called in along with mountaineering and rope ranger from alaska, he will assist them propelling down the sides to conduct closer inspections. and inside repairs to the top areas of the monument should be by mid october. >> we want to be as careful as we can and make sure that the monument is safe before it reopens to the public. and we want to get this right. >> no word on when it will reopen. marry, wjz eyewitness news. >> and service says it's already spent about $200
6:38 am
reinspecting the monument. charlie sheen's legal fight is over. the actor has reportedly settled 100 million-dollar wrongful termination suit with the makers and creators. chuck fired sheen from the show back in march you'll recall the exact terms of the settlement are said to be confidential, la times is reporting sheen got $25 million. he's got as much as 100 million. netflix is back in the news this morning this time with better news. the company has secured a deal to dream works time beginning in 2013. netflix hopes the estimated deal will give it an edge against red box and blockbusterrer. more than millions subscribers have dropped the service since prices went up by 60% though. pretty good sport, the orioles are putting red sox in a uncomfortable position. hit three run-in side the park home run as the orioles would rally and beat the socks 6-3. that pushes the red sox into a
6:39 am
tie with tampa bay rays. which is two games left to go. in the regular season. and updating news from yesterday. philadelphia eagles michael vick does not have a broken hand and is now listed as day- to-day while as for monday night football. the washington red skins, the quarterback he was sack and fumbled and fourth quarter was winding down. 18-16 dallas cowboys win. and rapper and new jersey nets co-owner jay-z announces the team is getting a new name. he says once the team travels to the enough barclays center of brooklyn next fall, it will be become known as the brooklyn nets. d.c. little series of concerts to celebrate that center's opening. >> that's kind of interesting. >> yeah, it is. >> the brooklyn nets.
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>> what we're seeinger is shower activity. it's important to know that it's moving basically south southwest and north northeast. so you can see we're going to be tagged. we'll fairly cloudy skies or fog around during the day. it's not unlike yesterday. 69 now. 78 at lunch. coming up park gray. he plays agent in a economic movie. now you'll see, iron man, talking about that series going to blue ray. that's right just in time for
6:41 am
the holiday. >> we'll say it's 27th. >> 27 and 3 months it will be 2 days past christmas. got that holiday shopping. let's go. we're going to help you out. fog in the area, first warning weather and more coming up next, stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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70 right now. 100% humid. it is still pretty much exact same temperatures this time yesterday morning at 70. 59 oakland. 66ler -- cumberland. 69 degrees in ocean city. 69 west minister. 70 bell air. 72 in annapolis. that's great shot of area of low pressure. look at the calm. >> it's going to stay in the forecast now through thursday. it will take that long to place
6:45 am
warm human atmosphere. it's going fall like. 81 degrees is going to be the high today. tomorrow mostly cloudy, warm humid, almost sure more morning fog. shower, thundershower. 82 degrees. going to be high thursday, still have to mention shower. 77. now we start to change or didn't we say this yesterday about thursday, i think we did. so hopefully start to change on friday saturday and sunday with sunshine. 76. windy saturday. 66. sunday 676 degrees still breezy. take away. >> effecting schools over the eastern shore and drive here. here is sharon at wjz traffic cool. >> good morning, everyone. despite all the fog we don't have any accidents out there. we still have that fire activity left over from yesterday. west belove deer is closed. west rogers avenue instead. there is a look at your speeds, speeds starting to slow down just a bit on the beltway.
6:46 am
53 miles an hour is your average. we'll take a look outside at the west side where we're start to see brake lights there. that's on the outer loop. meantime there's a look at 95 south at maryland 222 and you can barely see the brake lights there. there's lots of fog to talk about and more fog on l 3 at mount caramel road. the traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. we've -- you'll save more in the long run. back over to you guy. >> with clark, satellite interview furnished by paramount home andeanment. >> welcome,. >> how are you. >> you know -- you don't flaunt yourself, who is gonna, right. somebody has got to do it. somebody has got to do it. i've got to be honest with you, cory was a really really good flick and blue ray still
6:47 am
excites people. i mean, if you're a consumer what the day has done. you're a guy like the rest of us, go in maybe pop in a disk. i'm so amazed that blue ray excites people. it's a big deal in stores coming out. >> talk about it for a second. >> in some movies, you know, it's nice that it's high def. it's clear. it's a beautiful picture. whatever people talk in their room. this one is kind of magnificent scope, you know, the other dimension in world vas guard and the god of thunder. that's something you're doing to enjoy a little bit more. >> you have 3d at home, by the way. >> no, i don't. >> it's on my christmas list. >> right. i'm telling you i'm holding off on it for like 2 or 3 years. >> it's something about putting the glasses on in my living room. i feel like i'm doing to feel a little bit like a knuckle head. i'm going to be honest with you, the guy lives in the city his name is david.
6:48 am
he and former owner of baltimore ravens he and his brother john produced youtube 3d. i don't know if you ever saw the movie. >> no, i heard it was amazing though and i hear some sporting events in 3d are unbelievable. >> david told me ultimately. i've got to get this right. i'm painting with a broad brush here. ultimately all your tv is going to come out of a hard drive and that's where the real high def is going to come into play and that's where you're not going to need glasses. it's all going to be digital out of a hard drive. i'm kind of waiting for that. i'm with you. next thing you know the dog is going to be eating the glasses. >> you know, i'm not going to break my personal tradition which is to buy it so it can be obsolete in 6 months. >> there you go, we've all got a closet full of that kind of stuff. >> when you were approached through this movie, because it
6:49 am
was a comic, even though you've known others, did you have any other reservations, did you say, yeah, let's do it. >> i had an interesting experience with that. i had liked comments a lot when i was a kid. i got a call to play this, you know, small roll in iron man with gwinnett and robert and jeff bridges and i said, yeah, absolutely. and it starred adding steam and it became a key role in that movie they put me in iron man 2. i kept saying a line that said, i've got to go, i i'm going to new mexico. finally at the end, i turned to one of the guys and said what's in new mexico. they said, oh, you're doing soars. by then i was in. they were kind of recirculating this character and giving him a bigger and bigger role on every one of these. so, you know, i was psyched, a. i said how are they going to do this it's such a different
6:50 am
world and character. they brought kenneth out, they've got this amazing cast with anthony hopkins and natalie port man and made a whole different world that's all part of the same one. it was kind of an amazing experience. >> you found out about the role because you asked about a line. you didn't know about it before then. >> i did and everything is so secret with marble because they have this complicated and beautiful relate with giant army. but the fan boys want to know all the secrets and people trying to get the script and trying to find out who the bad guys are. so everything is top secret even from me. >> listen our satellite time is running short. great sitting down with you. we're not -- fall starts soon. so you're looking over there. there it is right there. an awesome movie. good luck your future. we hope to see you. >> thanks, take care. >> you've got it man. talk to you later.
6:51 am
awesome. >> look like a god sitting there. >> we have a whole lot, switch camera. >> we're take ago break, we're coming right back. we've got first morning weather and wjz traffic control.
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six-and-a-half before 7:00. fall continues the impack. schools are running at a 90 minute delay and they're operating on a 2 hour one. two hours in care line county both of those times are posted
6:54 am
on coming up, updates from sharon and marty over there. >> we are totally sopped in. 0-0 visibility. first warning doppler, shower activity, still slowly moving north out to our west. down around d.c. it's going to tag the 95 corridor. give it an hour. high of 81. we will see after fog this morning. terribly cloudy skies a couple of showers remain in the forecast through the day. let's get it over to sharon right now. wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. i'm surprised it's not more busy when you take a look outside you're going to see major fog working. we only have one problem that's going to be west belove deer and activity left from yesterday. a little bit slow though on the west side of the beltway. there's a live look on the west side. you can see some brake lights there and plenty of fog even
6:55 am
fog on 95 just south of -- there's a look at l 3. you can't see the road there at mount caramel road. this traffic support is brought to you for all your spring cleaning -- call lynn the plumber and have it done today. >> high school football player is accused of raping a teenage girl. investigators say raped her friends 14-year-old sister after she had been drinking and passed out. he plays football for high school in bell air. he is free on $50,000 bond this morning. high school track coach is facing child pornography charges. worked arch by shop spalding. where police say he engaged inappropriate relate with 16- year-old student as well. he was removed from his coaching position back in july. >> chemistry building will reopen this morning after small explosion in a laboratory. two students suffered first and second degree burns after
6:56 am
mixing nitric and sulfuric acid. howard county man accused of killing his twin brother has been denied bail. that's according to baltimore sun. 23-year-old -- was arrested last week and charged with killing his brother. investigators believe the two are fighting on going criminal theft ring when knew the church was running. opening statements -- a jury was selected yesterday. prosecutors claim he used his influence to legally benefit the food warehouse chain and receive money in return. his trial could last for several weeks. and port of baltimore was recently named the fifth busiest cruise ship terminal. last year more than 210,000 people sailed out of here on board 90 different cruises. and staying with wjz13 maryland's news station complete news, weather and track ahead for you.
6:57 am
also the latest on the budget battle. late night deal helps avoid another shutdown threat. coming up -- selling beer ,,,,,,
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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